Winter Football Camps in Antalya

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Football (Soccer) Camps in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya in Turkey is often considered the ideal location to play football in. It is considered ideal because it gets 300 days of sunlight in a year, making it a perfect spot for sporting activities in Turkey.

Winter football camps in Antalya is ideal because the weather in the Mediterranean region makes it suitable to have football camps. It is the Mediterranean climate, which makes it not just perfect to play football, but also allows for the set up of football and soccer camps.

The company – Sports City Antalya looks to provide young and dynamic teams that have a great devotion to sports – especially football when youngsters come to play winter football camps in Antalya or for that matter anywhere in the world.

They aid in finding comfortable and pleasant hotel stays too, which are usually at the seaside and are set amidst lush greens – considered ideal locations to visit when arriving in Turkey or Antalya for a football camp or training sessions in general.

Sports City Antalya strives to provide trainers with the best possible experience in Turkey – Antalya. They not only work to provide the best camp organizations but also look for grounds that aid in professional training and also work to provide friendly matches with local clubs in Turkey. The clubs are usually those who are on par with those practicing.

They work hard to provide ideal practice grounds so that the trainers can prepare and practice well for friendly matches. Their hotel partners always work round the clock to make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible – looking into your regular needs and necessities, as well as catering to specific diets – if any.

These hotels also provide specially equipped staff who are there to provide experienced help to those who come to train in Turkey.
What is even better is, they are well connected with successful local sports clubs and hotels, which will vow to how good and genuine the company is!

Sports City Antalya has partnered with several five-star hotels in Antalya, that provide excellent quality Turkish baths known as Hamam, sauna, as well as fitness services that are created specifically for those who come for the football camps – based on their needs and requirements.

Other than these, they also provide regular therapy and relaxation sessions for the players, so that they can look after themselves after rigorous rounds of training and play. Along with these essentials, they also arrange for daily tours in and around Antalya, so that along with daily practice sessions, you get to enjoy the real beauty of what Antalya actually is!

Final Words

Sports City Antalya provides excellent football training and practice camps at the beginning of the season, as well as the middle of the season. They work to cooperate with those taking their services so that they can provide the best, leaving no room for complaints or errors on their behalf.

They also work together with a website called, the last-named site sponsors the football (soccer) equipment that is needed to get the camp going.

Thus, opt for their services, to enjoy the best of what Antalya has to offer – with regards to football and Turkey!

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Turkey’s Newest Observatory to Operate in 2021

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2021: The year Turkey makes its astronomical debut

With more and more groundbreaking discoveries made in the field of science with each passing year, Turkey is also leaving no stone unturned to be in the race by providing the world with one of the largest astronomical observatories by the end of 2021.

As quoted by the director, Cahit Yeşilyaprak, the construction of the Eastern Anatolian Observatory (DAG) is almost complete, and it will be ready to carry out regular operations by the end of 2021. However, the observatory will only be functional for five months at a stretch owing to harsh winter conditions in the country.

The DAG secures the second position in terms of the largest astronomical observatories present in Europe. One of the unique features apart from the technical superiority which distinguishes it from other observatories is the altitude at which it is located. To be precise, it is situated atop Karakaya Hills in Konarkh village of the eastern province of Erzurum at the height of 3,170 meters.

As per reports, the construction of the observatory has been continuing from 2012 and will be finally completed by the next year. With the inauguration of this observatory, Turkey will step into a new era of astounding astronomical observations. The telescope in the observatory consists of a very delicate mirror that has been built in Italy and will be transported to Turkey for the fitting.

Owing to such advanced technical aspects and high altitude, it is expected by astronomers all around the world that they can obtain some significant results about the outer space once the observatory starts operating.

Telescope buildings at the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG)

Last Words

With hopes of experiencing the marvels of the universe from yet another marvel built by humankind in the form of this observatory, we all are looking onto Turkey to complete the project by the end of next year.

Are you an astronomy geek and tourist yourself and loves to stargaze in the night? Head over to ExoplanetScience and grab yourself one of their amazing telescopes today!

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Best Hotels of the Turquoise Coast in Turkey

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10 of The Best Boutique Hotels Near Turquoise Coast

There cannot be a proper vacation without a fantastic stay. Imagine you are in the beautiful and stunning coastline of Turkey, enjoying the blue waters and white sands. But those experiences will not be complete if you do not soak in the grandeur of the boutique hotels in the Turquoise Coast, Turkey.

Here are the top boutique hotels in that area that will give you the experience of a lifetime. You will want to make it a stay-cation.

1. Tuvana Hotel

It is an 18th-century mansion, which was meticulously renovated with the help of a national historical society. It is located at the center of the Old Town district. Apart from its world-class restaurant, there are so many others that you can easily access from here.

Even though the coast is only an 8-minute walk from this place, you might not even want to go there once you see the Oasis in Tuvana. With all the luxury and amenities that Tuvana has to offer, you are sure to be spoiled.

2. Courtyard Hotel

For people who love something unique, Courtyard Hotel is a quaint little place with six rooms, each with its unique style. This tranquil place located in Kalkan and is a mix of Greek and Turkish architecture. It is pleasant in the eyes and is cozy. Enjoy the local cuisine made with fresh, locally sourced produce here.

Pier beach hotel

3. Kamarca House Hotel

This hotel offers beautiful mountain views and is perfect for a laid-back family vacation. It is close to the coast as well. The stone wall structure with a beamed ceiling gives a homely feel to the place. Pets are also allowed here. They have all the amenities you can ask for and can arrange every activity in the area.

4. Gardenia Boutique Hotel

Looking for rooms from where you can stare at turquoise water all day long? Gardenia Boutique Hotel has got you covered with their beautiful sea view rooms. This classic hotel has an elegant feel to it. The sea-facing restaurant is the best spot for a romantic dinner with your partner. It will surely be a memorable experience.

5. Hotel Villa Turka

This Mediterranean themed boutique hotel is just a 15-minute walk away from the beach. The hotel offers a stunning view of the entire coastline. With private balconies, the rooms have a comforting interior with handmade furniture.

Their continental breakfast is award-winning. For a lazy day at the hotel, they have so many activities that you can enjoy, like a fitness center, swimming pool, and even a library.

6. The Olive Farm Guest House

Enjoy being close to nature?

This guest house located in an Olive farm might be the perfect place for you. You can walk around the farm and look at how produce is grown. With hardwood floors and classic decoration, it cannot get cozier than this.

Relax in a hot tub and steam room or head to the tennis court or swimming pool for some exercise. Even better, you can chill in the sunny balconies.

7. Hideaway Hotel

This family-run hotel near the Turquoise coast offers great views and hospitality. You can enjoy their complimentary breakfast buffet on their beautiful rooftop hotel. Perched on top of a hill, its location is also perfect.

It takes only a 10-minute walk to get to the harbor, bus station and town center. The sea itself is only 3 minutes away. But if you are not a saltwater person, you can always head to their pool.

8. Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion

Mehmet Ali Aga Mansion has an Ottoman vibe to it with its intricately carved roof and vintage furniture. With its beautiful decorations, rose garden, and orchids, this place is an example of elegance.

This gorgeous mansion has a history that dates back to the 15th century. While there are amenities like a pool, massage, and other things, their Turkish bath is a must-try. Also called Hammam, it is how Sultans used to bathe.

Lake of Salda Yeşilova Hotel Burdur

9. Degirmen (The Watermill)

Located in the Fethiye part of Turquoise Coast, this place is perfect for a rural retreat. It boasts a traditional Turkish restaurant and fantastic scenery of the mountains. The nature lovers will see that this place is built to be one with nature. You can wake up to the sounds of chirping birds and indulge in healthy organic food.

10. Villa Perla Hotel

Here is another beauty that got developed from an old Ottoman mansion. It is located just a few minutes away from Mermerli Beach, old harbor, and Hadrian’s Gate. This place favors privacy more than open views and is a couple’s favorite.

It is one of the best sites for people who are adventurous foodies as they offer some exciting dishes. Have a romantic dinner by the pool for a perfect date night.


The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is one of the best places to visit. But if you are there on a family trip, honeymoon, or even for business, these boutique hotels can make your stay itself a vacation. What are you waiting for? Book the hotel that appeals to you most on the list and have the time of your life.

Wishing you a happy stay!

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Things to Know About a Turkish Wedding

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Turkish Wedding – A Heavenly and Prosperous Occasion

We are living in a world that believes in the notion of Unity in Diversity. We have a varied range of languages, cultures, heritages, festivals, delicacies, traditions, attires, among others. We have so many points of differentiation, yet we are bound to be close to each other. One of these points is the wedding celebrations.

Every country has its own sentimental as well as traditional values associated with their wedding rituals. Wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion for both the individuals, namely, the bride and the groom.

This is a festival of happiness where all families and friends gather in one place and enjoy and have fun along with with with blessing the newlyweds. It is an exclusive ceremony for an individual that he/she has every right to cherish wholeheartedly. Like every romantic novel or movie, a wedding also has its love birds as the bride and groom who are united by the eternal bond of love.

There is no exception to the Turkish speaking country. It has unique wedding rituals that are extravagant and lavish in every manner. Here, in this article, everything you need to know about Turkish weddings is elucidated in great detail.

Turkish wedding couple at the salt lake Tuz Goelue

Types of marriage

By the ancient Turkish traditions, people used to get married within family relations only, which is unlawful in many other countries. But it is not practiced now due to the impact of urbanization. However, there is a different kind of marriage called “baygeldi” marriage.

In this type of marriage if the parents of the bride and groom are widowed then they have to get married. Another type called “Besik kertme,” which is a system of arranged marriage in Turkey. The 4th type is called the “Berder.” In this, the son and daughter of two families marry one another like an exchange.

These are the few types of marriages that happen in Turkey.

Legal age for marriage in Turkey

As per the law in Turkey, the average wedding age is 22 for men and 20 for women. According to tradition, the groom and his family take the initial step to lead a marriage first while the bride and her family remain passive. It is the most favorable culture in Turkey.

When you start your research regarding everything you need to know about Turkish weddings, the legal age of marriage in Turkey is a significant point, among others.

Ceremonies of the wedding

Similar to Indian wedding rituals, the wedding ceremony in Turkey also begins with Henna night, which is called kina gecesi in Turkish, which resembles entering to the married life and leaving bachelorhood.

Beautiful designs of henna are carved on the bride’s hands. Although the occasion is a time to enjoy and have fun, it is also an emotional night for the bride because she will have to leave her parents. The following day is the big day. The groom reaches the bride’s home with family and friends to take away his bride.

The wedding itself is quite simple. It is finalized by an officially sanctioned municipal employee or nikah memuru (a local authority) in the presence of witnesses selected by the groom and the bride.

Turkish wedding party on a street

Rituals of Turkish weddings

A motorcade follows the car of the bride, which drives through all the villages, cities, and towns on the way. Quite often, the vehicles stop at specific points, and traditional Turkish melodies the “davul” and “zurna,” are played.

Other people in the convoy honk their horns as a part of the tradition. When the caravan reaches the streets, kids ask the bride and groom for money, and they hand them envelopes of a small amount of money. The Halay dance is also a unique feature of Turkish weddings.

One of the fun rituals of a Turkish wedding is when the groom reaches the bride’s home, the family of the bride refuses to open the door, and often the groom has to bribe his way into the house.

A wedding is an essential occasion in every individual’s life and what could stop if the marriage is none other than a Turkish wedding. Gaining so much information regarding the Turkish wedding must have made you eager to attend a ravishing wedding in Turkey and who knows if you find your ‘the one’ there. After all, marriages are the events where love is in the air, and hearts connect.

Turkish weddings are no exception to the way marriages take place in any other part of the world. These weddings are a beautiful blend of traditions and showcase Turkish culture beautifully. That is all which sums up everything you need to know about Turkish weddings. I hope it inspires you to get married soon and have a beautiful life full of happiness ahead.

One last note: You can visit our beloved friends of if you require beautiful wedding(anniversary) gift ideas for your partner or a befriended couple that is getting married soon!

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What Gifts to Give to Turkish People

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Turkey is a transcontinental country located in the Anatolian peninsula. In Turkey, most of the population are Muslims. So all the occasions or festivals and other gift-giving customs are based on Islamic culture.

Turkey is considered to be one of the generous society. The Turkish people love to meet strangers and be friendly with them. When they meet a stranger, they will talk about many things by spending half a day.

The people believe that Saint Nicholas was born, lived, and died in Turkey. He gave many gifts to needy children. That is the main reason the gift-giving culture flourishes in Turkey.

Beautiful gifts that you can gift to Turkish people

Before you continue, it is good to mention that many of the gift ideas in this article were taken from They are based in Germany, and that country has a significant population (1.55 million) of Turkish people. Make sure to visit them if you need more gift ideas for gifting to Turkish people. Let’s move on!

Electronic gadgets

All the electronic devices like iPhone, iPad, PlayStation, etc. are costly in Turkey. For instance, in Turkey, the iPhone is two or three times costlier than the United States of America. So when you are buying these gadgets as a gift, ask the Turkish friend to remember the value of the product.

Clothes as a gift

Most of the famous and big brands are in Turkey. The people in Turkey are the big brand lovers. Ralph Lauren, Levis, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Diesel, etc. are the luxury brands in Turkey. Turkish people discovered the Brand called TJ Maxx.

So they have a pride that they are the only person who created heaven like TJ Maxx. Everyone in Turkey loves clothes as a gift. Popular among those are shirts with sleeves for adults, handbags or totes for females, and casual tees for teenagers.

Cultural gifts

A cowboy hat, a Mexican hat, knife, etc. are the best gifts. Turkish people have many cultural events.

So, they give artistic gifts during cultural events and decorative items which add additional beauty. Hence when you are giving a decorative element as a gift, they will be delighted. Avoid religious things like the bible as a gift because most of the people in Turkey will not like it.

Chocolates, toys, and other accessories

When you are meeting a Turkish family who is having little children, then chocolates are the best gift ever. It is because chocolates are liked by everyone, from adults to children. Gifting chocolate toys is a better option.

Chocolates and toys help the children journey to another world. For women, accessories are more important. Women are always conscious of accessories. They go on the top of the world with happiness when they receive accessories as a gift.


Fifty percent of Turkish people do not like alcohol. But remaining half percent likes whiskey. So, when you are giving the alcohol as a gift to the family on occasions, you must know whether the family likes it or not. If they do not, it will spoil the mood of the event.

Bad gifts that you should avoid at any costs


Most of the Turkish people do not like books. It is because they never read a book, and they do not need to read a book. In the number of the population who reads books among various countries, Turkey ranks as one of the lower countries. Even though the book is a good thing, it is not an excellent gift for the Turkish people.

Crackers, edibles

According to the Turkish people, books are a lousy gift, but crackers are even worse. When traditional people visit their friends and their families, they do not buy any gifts like drinks, sweets, among others. They purchase the offerings only on special occasions, instead of a regular meeting. When meeting patients, usually, they bring fruit.

Non-original things

According to Turkish people, pens, socks are not a good present. So, stick to creative and innovative gifts.

Gifting surprises is a beautiful action that makes people happy by making others happy. As per the Turkish people, whatever the offering may be, it should be gifted with respect, love, and so on. But they also expect the gift to be last long.

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Turquoise Coast Travel Guide

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Travel Guide to the Beautiful Turquoise Coast

Located in the beautiful country of Turkey, it is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in the country. Turquoise Coast is believed to be named because of the presence of the gemstone Turquoise or because of the bright blue-green hue of its water, which makes it a picturesque and beautiful scenery for all the travelers.

It connects Marmaris to Antalya by Highway 400 and is related to several essential sites as well. It can be also be visited through Dalaman airport, which runs international flights all around the year, along with Istanbul domestic flights.

The Coast and its Neighbours

It is surrounded by Baba, Akdag, and Bey Mountains. Which you can see when traveling to the beach via the highway. In the ancient era, it was called Lycia, which was the land of an independent group, whose most apparent reasons by the archaeologist are the rocky tombs that surround most of the Turquoise Coast.

Most of these attractive tourist destinations, despite the recent development, are not accessible by vehicles due to which tourists visit these destinations via the yachts or Gulet.

You can also see the beautiful pine forest in the bays of Gocek in Mugla Province in the ranges of Baba, Akdag, and Bey mountains. Also, there are many small attractive resorts near the languid river near to the coast.

Also, you can visit Finike, a yacht harbor town located on the eastern side of Demre, and you can visit the coniferous forest slopes of Tahtali Dag, which is one of the many national parks in Turkey.

Luxury gulet moored in Lydae Bay Turquoise Coast Turkey



Known as Lycia (also called Likya in Turkey) in ancient times. It lies between Koycegiz Golu and Antalya. Before the Romans took control over it was a Democratic Country known as the Lycian Federation, which consists of major cities and small towns of Turkey.

In earlier papers and records, Lycians were the allies to the Trojans when Romans controlled it. In the latter half of the 6th century BC, this region saw a takeover by Harpagos, the General from Persia, but was mostly left to be self-governed.

After 454 BC, Kimon, the General from Athenia helped in Lycians becoming a member of Athens dominated by Delian League by expelling the Persians off the Mediterranean Costs.

The locals widely believe that 333 BC saw the Great Alexander’s arrival there after having conquered Halikarnassos. Till 167 BC, many rulers came after each other, but after that, Lycians revolted against their ruler, resulting in semi-independence for two centuries.

After this, Romans, Greeks, and the Ottomans ruled these states due to which we can see many monuments and caves depicting their lifestyle and art. These are the major tourist attractions in the Turquoise Coast and in the whole country of Turkey itself.

Tourist Attractions

There are many tourist attractions near the coast because of its picturesque location as it is surrounded by beautiful pine-covered mountains and beautiful beaches. There are many resorts where you can plan to stay to feel the beautiful art and family-friendly resorts that experience a surge in visitors all round the year.

You can also visit Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, which is a ruin and archaeological sites of Turkey. You can also visit the historic port city, which is of Greco-Roman ruins like Knidos located on the Datca Peninsula.

Turquoise Coast has been known as the mecca for the adrenaline junkies because of its many water sports like waterskiing, diving, parasailing, and many more. You can take a boat tour to the tiny islands which are near to the Turquoise Coast. Also, you can do Kayaking, Waterskiing, and many such sports that are offered by the significant Beach Club located on the Turquoise coast itself.

It is considered one of the best diving sites in the world as it is one of the most loving destinations for scuba divers all around the world. It is famous because of its multi-color coral and many ancient shipwrecks, which are significant attractions for adrenaline junkies as well as history lovers.

Turquoise coast Oludeniz near Fethiye elevated view of the famous Blue Lagoon

Cost and Time to Travel

Turkey Currency is Turk Lirasi (Turkish Lira), and the primary benefit for the tourist is that most of the shops, hotels, and restaurants readily accept Euros and US dollars. Also, most of the Taxi drivers accept them.

But to make your trip a hassle-free trip ensure carrying local currency also as there are many ATMs available all over the coast near hotels and major tourist locations. ATMs accept Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus, and Maestro cards as well as offer instructions in most of the significant foreign languages, including English.

Most of the country’s currency exchange rate is more, i.e., for 1 US dollar, it is around 5-6 Turkish Lira. You can check your currency rate on significant currency exchange rates on online sites.

You can exchange your currency in exchange offices, post offices, and most of the banks. But you can get better exchange rates at exchange rates then post offices and banks as they do not charge commission. Also, the lira is virtually worthless outside Turkey, so make sure to spend all the money before leaving the country.

It is suggested that if you want to travel to most of the tourist locations in and around the Turquoise Coast, you require at least 6-7 days. The daily cost of visiting costs around 250 to 700 Lira depending on your cost of living and traveling with other expenses.

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